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Spill Absorbents

Titan Safety’s range of Spill Crew poly spill absorbents are made right here in Australia. They feature a fast wicking action and can absorb up to 20x their own weight in liquid. This high absorbency rate compared to cloths or rags results in less product being used to clean up a spill and lower associated disposal costs.

Explore our comprehensive selection of poly spill absorbents, specifically designed to provide quickly and efficiently cleanup day to day spills of oil, fuel, coolant, paint, solvents and other chemicals. These industrial absorbents are available as pads, rolls, booms or pillows and colour-coded to quickly identify the type of liquids they are designed to absorb:

Oil & fuel: These absorbents are colour coded white and will absorb hydrocarbons such as petrol or diesel whilst repelling any liquids

General purpose: These absorbents are colour coded grey and will absorb all water based liquids such as paint, coolant or mild chemicals.

Chemical: These absorbents are colour-coded pink and will absorb all liquids including most harsh acids or bases.