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Australian owned and operated distributor of quality site safety equipment

Titan Safety is an authorised distributor of quality site safety equipment from reputable Australian importers, wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors. We seek to provide our customers with the highest quality goods at industry leading prices. We have worked to negotiate the best prices from the best brands available in Australia to ensure you get value for your spend. We are committed to delivering quality safety supplies to our customers in the mining, construction, transport, manufacturing, education, government, logistics and warehousing industries.

Titan Safety

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Why choose Titan Safety as your worksite safety equipment supplier?

Australian-made safety equipment to meet Australian standards

As a leading supplier of safety equipment, all our products meet or exceed the requirements of Australian Standards where applicable, for storing, containing and managing hazardous materials in the workplace such as oil, fuel, chemicals, gas and aerosols.

A wide range of chemical safety solutions in workplaces for all industries

From chemical spill kits to safety cabinets we offer a comprehensive range of safety equipment to store, contain and clean up hazardous materials such as chemicals and flammable liquids, preventing accidents in the workplace in a range of industries from mining to education. Our products are readily available for immediate delivery to safeguard your workplace and protect the environment.