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Corrosive Substances Cabinets

Titan Safety offers a range of corrosive substances cabinets designed specifically for the safe and secure storage of Class 8 corrosive substances. Commonly used Class 8 corrosive substances in the workplace include: Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Sulfuric acid and other acids and bases.

Safe and secure storage of Class 8 corrosive substances 

Titan Safety's range of corrosive substances cabinets are manufactured in Australia to meet the requirements of AS3780-2008, ensuring the highest level of safety and quality for the storage of corrosive substances. They are available in a wide range of storage capacities and all include vital safety features such as self-closing doors and a double wall construction with a 40mm barrier. 

For secure corrosive substances storage, our cabinets are constructed with durable and powder-coated steel, providing strength and longevity. Each corrosive safety cabinet includes a built-in containment sump to capture any leaks, drips or spills. They are also provided with poly trays that line each shelf, providing an additional layer of protection against spills and leaks. 

Key Features of our corrosive storage cabinets 

  • Designed for the safe storage of Class 8 corrosive substances 
  • Adjustable shelving 
  • Provided with corrosion resistant poly trays 
  • Self-closing doors for enhanced fire containment 
  • Integral vents with flash arrestors for vapour ignition prevention 
  • Manufactured to meet the requirements of AS3780-2023 
  • Available in various sizes to suit your storage capacity needs