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Oil & Fuel Absorbents

Oil and fuel spill absorbents are designed to quickly and efficiently absorb hydrocarbon spills in industrial environments. Titan Safety offers a wide range of industrial absorbents that are specifically engineered to handle oil, fuel and other hydrocarbon-based liquid spills with ease.

Titan Safety’s oil and fuel spill absorbents 

Our range of Spill Crew fuel and oil spill absorbents are colour coded white so they are quick to identify in an emergency. Our oil spill absorbents are hydrophobic meaning they will only absorb hydrocarbons whilst repelling water. This makes them perfect for use in a marine environment or in outdoor rainy conditions.  

Available in a range of styles to suit many applications from booms and pillows to pads and rolls. Their high absorbency rate to weight ratio results in less product being used and lower associated disposal costs.  

Key Features of our oil and fuel industrial absorbents 

  • Made in Australia 
  • Hydrophobic design – will absorb hydrocarbons whilst repelling water 
  • Highly absorbent for efficient cleanup 
  • Fast wicking action to quickly absorb spills  
  • Available in different forms: pads, rolls, socks, and pillows 
  • Ideal for absorbing hydrocarbons such as oil, fuel or diesel