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Spill Kits

Titan Safety stock a wide range of spill kits specifically designed to clean up a spill no matter what type of liquid or size. Explore our wide range of Spill Crew Australian made spill kits from small grab bag general purpose spill kits through to wheelie bin sized chemical spill kits.

What is a spill kit?  

Titan Safety’s range of Spill Crew spill kits help any worksite dealing with hazardous materials such as oil, fuel, coolant, degreaser, solvents or chemicals effectively clean up spills, minimising risks to personnel and the environment. These Australian Made spill kits are colour coded for easily identification in an emergency and provide a range of tools to effectively control, contain and clean up spills providing a sound solution for emergency response and spill control. 

What are the different types of spill kits? 

Spill kits are colour coded to identify the type of spills they are designed to absorb. Our range includes the following: 

General purpose spill kits – These kits are colour-coded blue and will absorb essentially all liquids including coolant, paint, degreaser, solvents, oil, fuel and mild chemicals 

Oil & fuel spill kits – These spill kits are colour-coded yellow and are designed to absorb hydrocarbons.  They are hydrophobic meaning they will absorb hydrocarbons whilst repelling water making them ideal for marine or outdoor rainy environments.  

Chemical spill kits – These spill kits are colour coded red and are suitable for absorbing all liquids including any harsh chemicals, hazardous material or unknown liquids.