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Collapsible Bunds & Spill Mats

Titan Safety offers a wide range of portable pop up spill containment bunds and spill mats, providing the ability to create a pop up containment area in minutes. Our range of Spill Crew collapsible spill containment bunds and spill mats are made in Australia and are available in a range of sizes and materials to suit various applications.

What are collapsible bunds and spill mats for? 

Collapsible bunds and spill mats are used as a portable pop-up solution for when drums or containers are temporarily used on a mobile site. Supplied in a carry bag these bunds and mats can be easily transported onto site and can be deployed in minutes to house containers, drums, IBCs, vehicles, plant or machinery.  

Key Features of our range of collapsible spill bunds and mats: 

  • Made in Australia 
  • High frequency welded to ensure leak free joints 
  • Range of different PVC materials available  
  • Cost-effective chemical bund solution 
  • Can be easily transported in a car, ute or truck  
  • Versatile sizes and configurations to meet different needs