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General Purpose Absorbents

Absorbent booms, pads, pillows and rolls are an effective and cost-efficient way to manage accidental spills, leaks and drips that regularly occur.

Titan Safety’s General purpose absorbents 

Explore our range of general purpose absorbents, designed to effectively clean up spills in various industrial settings. Our range of high-quality absorbents provide reliable and versatile solutions for a quick and efficient spill response.  

Colour-coded grey, Titan Safety’s range of Spill Crew general purpose absorbents are designed to quickly and efficiently absorb water based liquids such as coolant, degreasers, paint, oil, fuel, non-aggressive chemicals and other water based liquids. Available as pre-cut pads, rolls, pillows or booms to suit many applications when cleaning up spills in an emergency.  

General purpose absorbents have a fast wicking action and can absorb up to 20x their own weight in liquid. Their high absorbency to weight ratio results in lower transport and disposal costs.  


Key Features of our general purpose absorbents 

  • Made in Australia 
  • Versatile and suitable for various spill types 
  • Highly absorbent for efficient cleanup 
  • Quick-acting to contain spills and prevent spreading 
  • Available in different forms: pads, rolls, socks, and pillows 
  • Ideal for general purpose industrial spills of oil, fuel or water based liquids