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Oil & Fuel Spill kits

Our range of Australian Made oil and fuel spill kits are a great option for businesses using hydrocarbons. These oil and fuel spill kits are purpose built to quickly and effectively clean up spills in an emergency. Colour-coded yellow, our range of oil and fuel spill kits include absorbents such as pads, booms rolls or pillows, personal protective equipment (PPE) and equipment for disposing of hazardous material.

What is an oil and fuel Spill Kit  

The absorbents in oil and fuel spill kits are hydrophobic meaning they will absorb hydrocarbons such as oil, fuel or diesel whilst repelling water. This makes these kits ideal for use in a marine environment or in yards exposed to wet weather. The absorbents in these kits are highly absorbent and quick-acting, effectively soaking up spills and preventing them from spreading. 


Types of oil and fuel spill kits 

Our range of Spill Crew spill kits are available in a wide range of sizes to suit different sized spills, from grab bags to fit inside cars Utes or trucks to 120 or 240L wheelie bins to leave on site to enable quick access in an emergency.