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Spill Control

Spill control products help capture and contain drips, leaks, and spills, from the handling and transport of day-to-day liquids ensuring a clean and safe working environment. We have a large range of products to suit various applications from benchtop trays to permanent IBC pallets.

Spill control products 

Our range of Australian Made spill containment products include: 

  • Spill pallets to store drums or IBCs to capture and contain any spills 
  • Spill containment trays to store small containers or oily tools on a benchtop  
  • Collapsible bunds and spill mats provide a portable, temporary solution for containing liquids when working on a remote site.  

Controlling and containing the spill is an important step in the management of safe liquid handling on site and goes hand in hand with other spill cleanup supplies such as spill kits and absorbents.  

Key features of our spill control products  

  • Poly trays and spill pallets are made from 100% recycled polyethylene 
  • Wide range of sizes to contain small liquid containers through to 1000L IBCs 
  • Collapsible bunds and spill mats are available in a range of sizes and materials to suit different liquid applications