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IBC Steel Spill Pallet


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  • Use to store a single IBC to capture and contain any spills
  • Made from powder-coated steel with galvanised grates
  • Removable grates for easy cleaning
  • Heavy duty option for frequent forklift use
  • Made in Australia
Dimensions (cm) Sump
Maximum uniform
distributed load
123 x 171 x 64 1140L 2000kg

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This heavy duty steel IBC spill pallet is the ideal solution for storing Class 3 Flammable Liquids, combustible liquids or other compatible substances. Manufactured from galvanised steel, this heavy-duty bunded pallet is powder-coated in an easy-to-recognise blue colour with silver contrast on the grate platform. Made to store a single 1000L IBC, this steel spill containment pallet is extremely robust in even the most arduous conditions.

Spill pallets:

  • Powdercoated steel bunds with galvanised steel grates
  • Suitable for frequent forklift use
  • Have an in-built sump to collect spills, drips and leaks
  • Feature removable grates for easy cleaning of spills, rainwater or debris
  • Made in Australia

Designed and manufactured in Australia

Why use spill pallets?

  • Stop spills contaminating the workplace environment, ruining inventory or reaching storm water drains
  • Decrease clean-up costs with captured spills quicker and easier to retrieve

Important: Spill pallets are intended for temporary storage. If you're not certain of your storage obligations to comply with Standards and Regulations, consult your local council or regulatory body. Spill pallets are also known as drum bunds, bunded pallets, spill decks, hazmat bunds, chemical storage bunds or portable bunding systems.

Visit Safe Work Australia for in-depth information regarding chemical storage. 

Product name IBC spill pallet – powder coated steel
Maximum sump capacity 1140 litres
External dimensions (W x D x H) 1706mm x 1232mm x 631mm
Construction material Galvanised steel
Surface finish (bund) Epoxy powder undercoat plus UV-stabilised polyester powder topcoat
UDL (Uniformly distributed load) 2000 kg
Weight 195 kg
Drain plug 38mm (outer diameter)
Drain plug thread 1” BSP

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