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Spill Containment Pallets

Discover our selection of spill containment pallets (also known as bunds), designed to provide effective spill prevention and containment. Spill pallets are used to safely and securely store drums, barrels, containers and IBCs, preventing leaks and spills causing accidents and environmental harm. Our range of Spill Crew spill pallets are designed and made right here in Australia to suit the tough Aussie climate.

What is a spill pallet? 

Spill containment pallets are used as a temporary or secondary storage solution for liquids drums and IBCs. Containers sit raised above a containment sump to capture any leaks drips or spills that may occur.  Removable grates provide easy to access to the sump for cleaning or draining purposes.  

What are types of bunded spill pallets? 

Our range of Spill Crew bunded spill pallets come in a variety of sizes including bunds suitable for smalls drums and containers through to large options for storing one or two 1000L IBC containers. Spill Crew poly spill pallets are built tough with excellent puncture and cracking resistance to suit the Australian climate. They are made from 100% recycled polyethylene and are independently tested for dynamic compression and heat resistance meaning they are built to last.