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Spill kits in Australian workplaces

Types of spill kits in Australian workplaces

In the Australian workplace it is important to understand the risks of handling and transporting different types of liquids and having a spill containment plan to reduce the risks of accidents and injury to personnel. A part of this plan is to choose a suitable spill kit to control, contain and clean up spills as soon as they happen.

Spill kits include equipment to control and clean up spills. This typically includes absorbents such as pads, booms rolls or pillows, personal protective equipment (PPE) and equipment for disposing of hazardous material.

The use of easily identifiable, color-coded spill kits can prove invaluable during emergencies by streamlining the process of selecting the right kit for immediate response. Titan Safety offers a range of spill kits which are colour coded to indicate which spills they are designed to clean up, this includes:

  1. Oil and Fuel Spill Kits:

    • Colour-coded yellow, the absorbents in oil and fuel spill kits are hydrophobic meaning they will absorb hydrocarbons such as oil, fuel or diesel whilst repelling water. This makes these kits ideal for use in a marine environment or in yards exposed to wet weather.  
  2. Universal or General-Purpose Spill Kits:

    • Colour-coded blue, our range of general purpose spill kits are “general purpose” as they are designed to absorb essentially all types of liquids, including oils, mild chemicals, and water-based substances. 
  3. Hazchem Spill Kits:

    • Colour-coded red, our range of chemical spill kits will absorb all liquids including harsh chemicals, acids or bases or any unknown liquids.

Our range of Australian made spill kits are supplied in weatherproof wheelie bins to easily transport around warehouses and shipping yards. They are brightly coloured, purpose built and industry recognised. Bag spill kits are also available, suitable for storage in utes, trucks or forklifts. 

It's important for organizations and individuals to choose the appropriate spill kit based on the types of materials they handle and the potential spill scenarios they may encounter.

Click here to view our range of Australian Made spill kits.