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Aerosol storage cages

Aerosol storage cages - safe aerosol storage in the workplace

Aerosol cans are commonly used items in the workplace and are most often in the form of paints, lubricants, adhesives or degreasers. Although not thought of as dangerous goods they pose several safety hazards in the workplace. In this guide we will discuss appropriate aerosol can storage in the workplace and discuss the benefits of using aerosol storage cages. 

What are Aerosol Cans? An aerosol can is a self-contained dispensing system where a substance is stored inside a canister and released as a mist, spray, or foam using a pressurized propellant.

Dangers of Aerosol Cans: Aerosol cans are classified as Class 2 dangerous goods due to the potential hazards associated with their use. The pressurized nature of the cans can lead to explosions or becoming dangerous projectiles, especially under certain conditions.

Several factors contribute to the risk of aerosol can explosions, including proximity to heat sources, exposure to high temperatures (e.g., in vehicles), damage to the can's integrity, and accidental impact.

Storage Recommendations: Aerosol cans should be treated as dangerous goods in the workplace. Australian Standards outline that aerosol cans should be stored in dedicated aerosol cages with perforated walls to ensure ventilation and prevent overheating. Proper storage helps minimize the risk of fire and explosions.

Aerosol Cages vs. Flammable Liquids Cabinets: While flammable liquids cabinets are commonly used for storage, dedicated aerosol cages are considered safer. Aerosol cages, with open-air perforations, allow gases to safely disperse into the atmosphere, reducing the risk of ignition. In contrast, the tight-fitting doors of flammable liquids cabinets can trap aerosol gas vapors, potentially creating a hazard.

Titan Safety's Aerosol Cages Overview: Titan Safety offers a range of aerosol storage cabinets designed to comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS 3833-2007. These cages are constructed from durable, powder-coated steel, and they come in various sizes to accommodate different quantities of aerosol cans. The cages feature high open area perforations for natural ventilation, magnetic latch doors with padlock lugs for security, and bolt-down plates for permanent fixing. The range is suitable for various industries, from small workshops to large manufacturing facilities, and is manufactured in Australia.

To explore our range of aerosol storage cages, please click here: https://titansafety.com.au/collections/aerosol-gas-storage-cages/products/aerosol-storage-cages