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Absorbent Roll - General Purpose


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  • Made in Australia
  • Perforated every 45cm to be torn off to suit different applications
  • Low lint
  • Absorbs most non-aggressive liquids
  • High absorbency to weight ratio
Type Size Absorbent Capacity
General purpose 40m x 0.9m Up to 124L per roll

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Use general purpose rolls to absorb most non-aggressive liquids.

These rolls are also known as universal or all-liquid absorbents and are perforated for easy use.

General purpose poly rolls are colour-coded grey for easy identification. They are ideal for incidental spills of non-aggressive liquids such as coolant, degreaser, paint, blood, bodily fluids, hydrocarbons such as oil, fuel, diesel and petrol and mild water-based chemicals.

Use general purpose absorbent rolls for everyday clean ups in workshops, schools, factories and warehouses - any areas where spills may occur.

  • Ideal for use at industrial workplaces: factories, mine sites, maintenance workshops, warehouses, panel beaters, paint shops, fuel handling and oil storage depots, vehicle repair shops or transport facilities
  • High absorbency ratio for spills, leaks and drips
  • Use low-lint absorbent rolls in power stations / generation facilities or on hydraulic systems (cleanliness with minimal contamination)
  • Perforated every 450mm for easy tearing into workable sheets
  • Durable, non-allergenic and non-hazardous 
  • Won't degrade or chemically react with absorbed liquids
  • Material can be squeezed and re-used
  • Simple and easy to use 

Manufactured in Australia

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Actual absorbent capacity will vary depending on the liquid viscosity, specific gravity and temperature of the spill. General purpose absorbents are made from surface-modified polypropylene (high absorbent capacity). Rolls can absorb up to 20x their own weight in liquid by encapsulating the liquid within the polypropylene’s fine fibres.

Type Size Absorbent Capacity
General purpose 40m x 0.9m Up to 124L per roll

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