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Bunded Decant Stand


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This bunded decant stand is a suitable, economical solution to capture drips, leaks or overflow. Decanting bunds are ideal to capture spills whilst dispensing liquids. This small bund has been designed for storing and decanting from 20 litre drums.

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This Australian made bunded decant stand presents a cost-effective and suitable solution for containing drips, leaks, or overflow. It is specifically designed for capturing spills during liquid dispensing. Tailored for the storage and decanting of 20-liter drums, this compact bund is an ideal choice. 

The built-in 40L containment bund is designed to collect and contain any spills or overflow, keeping liquids off the ground and safeguarding against any slip hazards. 

  • The bunded decant stand supports a 20 litre container on the top allowing liquids to be decanted into a jug or bucket on the lower level.
  • Use as a chemical dosing bund – pump from a drum on the top level with a spare drum on the lower level.
  • Improves safety and reduces manual handling whilst capturing leaks, drips and spills.
  • Tough, durable, polyethylene construction – resistant to most chemicals, oils and fuels and easily cleaned.
  • Spilled liquid can be reclaimed through a 20mm drain.
  • 40 litre sump capacity.
  • Dimensions: 65cm x 65cm x 31cm

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