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Safety cabinets

How to choose the right size safety cabinets

In Australia, the storage of dangerous goods is outlined by national Standards aimed at ensuring workplace safety and environmental protection. One critical aspect of compliant storage is the use of safety cabinets designed specifically for different Classes of dangerous goods. These can include Class 3 flammable liquids, Class 8 corrosive substances or Class 6 toxic substances.  Choosing the right size safety cabinets is crucial step in ensuring your workplace is meeting the requirements of Australian Standards.


What are the different types of safety cabinets?

Before selecting a safety cabinet, it's essential to identify the classification of your used substances and also to familiarise yourself with relevant Australian Standards governing the storage of the dangerous goods. Different classes of dangerous goods in the workplace need to be stored separately in dedicated safety cabinets.

Safety cabinets are often colour-coded with clear warning signage to indicate the type of dangerous goods they are built to store. Titan Safety's range of Spill Crew cabinets include flammable liquid safety cabinets, which are colour-coded yellow, corrosive safety cabinets, which are colour-coded blue and toxic substances safety cabinets, which are colour coded white. 


Assessing your workplaces storage needs

The first step in determining the appropriate size of safety cabinets is to assess your organisation's storage needs. Consider the types and quantities of liquids used or stored on-site. Calculate the total volume of liquids or substances requiring storage to ensure the cabinet's capacity meets your requirements. It's crucial to account for potential future needs to avoid outgrowing the cabinet's capacity.


Understanding the different sizes of safety cabinets

Safety cabinets are available in various sizes, typically measured by their storage capacity in liters. Titan Safety's range start at small 30L cabinets suitable for a small drums or containers to larger cabinets capable of storing up to 350 liters. Select a cabinet size that comfortably accommodates your current and projected storage needs. Keep in mind that it's preferable to have extra capacity rather than risk overcrowding the cabinet.

In addition to storage capacity, consider the available space within your facility when choosing a safety cabinet. Ensure that the selected cabinet size fits comfortably in the designated storage area and allows for safe access and ventilation. Take into account any space restrictions, such as doorways, aisles, or other equipment, to avoid installation challenges or obstructed access.


Shop Titan Safety's wide range of safety cabinets

Selecting the right size flammable liquid safety cabinet is critical for ensuring compliance with Australian Standards and safeguarding workplace safety. By assessing storage needs, considering space constraints, reviewing additional features you can make an informed decision that promotes safe storage practices and minimizes risks associated with flammable liquids in the workplace.

Titan Safety stock a wide range of safety cabinets to suit a range of industries and applications. Better yet they are made right here in Australia and are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from. Explore our wide range of products here.