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Toxic Safety Cabinets - Safe Storage of Class 6 Toxic Substances

Toxic Safety Cabinets - Safe Storage of Class 6 Toxic Substances

What are Class 6 toxic substances?

Class 6 toxic substances are liable either to cause death or serious injury or to harm human health if swallowed or inhaled or by skin contact. These can include cyanides, lead compounds, phenol, cresols and some pesticides. This is why in industries where toxic substances are handled, ensuring the safety of workers and the environment is paramount.


Why should Class 6 substances be stored in Toxic Safety Cabinets?

Toxic safety cabinets provide a secure and controlled environment for storing toxic substances. Toxic safety cabinets, also known as hazardous material storage cabinets, are specially designed storage cabinets which provide a secure and regulated storage environment for toxic or hazardous substances. These cabinets are constructed from heavy duty, powder-coated steel and feature a range of safety features to prevent spills, leaks, and unauthorized access. There are certain specifications set out by Australian Standard AS4452 that ensure the upmost safety in regards to these cabinets. 


Key Benefits of Toxic Safety Cabinets:

  1. Manufactured from heavy duty powder coated steel - These safety cabinets will stand up to harsh Australian conditions
  2. In-built containment sump - Toxic safety cabinets feature an in-built containment sump to capture and any potential leaks drips or spills of hazardous toxic liquids or materials.
  3. Double wall construction with a 40mm barrier - Ultimate protection of dangerous substances in the event of a workplace fire.
  4. Vent ports and flash arrestors - Vent ports allow cabinets to be hooked up to a ventilation system to prevent the build up of toxic fumes inside the cabinets. Integral flash arrestors will also improve safety by preventing the chase of vapour ignition. 
  5. Self closing doors prevent workers or personnel from incidentally leaving cabinets open and exposed to the environment, ensuring a constantly closed tight fitting unit.
  6. Enhanced Security: Equipped with features such as lockable doors to prevent unauthorized access. This enhances security and helps prevent incidents of theft, vandalism, or misuse of hazardous materials.

Toxic safety cabinets are essential components of a comprehensive safety strategy for workplaces handling hazardous substances in Australia. By investing in these cabinets and adhering to best practices for their use, employers can minimize risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and create a safer environment for their employees. 

Titan Safety's range of Toxic Safety Cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes to suit different requirements. Better yet they are all made right here in Australia and meet all of the requirements set out by Australian Standards. Click here to view the range and shop now: https://titansafety.com.au/collections/toxic-substances-cabinets/products/toxic-substances-safety-cabinets